DSBL checker

This utility will check 100+ DSBL and blackhole sites, and is provided "as is", for information purposes only. The list of servers is not a complete summary of all the lists out there, but does contain most of the major lists as used by major ISPs and mail servers.

Even though your IP may not be shown as listed, this may be because the remote server is unavailable.

If you find your IP is listed as a source of SPAM, please visit the respective owner of the list to inquire about removal. DO NOT CONTACT THE OPERATOR OF THIS SITE.

This site requires Javascript to be enabled, and may take a minute or two to complete. The lookups are spread across a number of mirror sites - if one of those mirrors is down you may receive incomplete or inaccurate results.

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Please enter the IP address of the network device you wish to check for, along with the 4 digit confirmation code.

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